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The Rex family grew up in Los Angeles. In 1952, our father moved us from Iowa to the promised land of Southern California. We come from a long line of farmers and entrepreneurs — Dad's Irish and Mom's Sicilian. We grew up learning that if you set your mind to it, you could accomplish anything. We also learned to drive on the LA freeways and so began a lifelong love affair with cars. My brother, Martin (now our G.M. and new winery project manager) and I were first in partnership on a 1931 Model A Ford that we bought for $100, drove home and proceeded to hotrod (flathead V8 engine, four on the floor-gear shifter). My late friend, John Farrington, always compared his wine to women--the only other thing as complex as wine. I, of course, couldn't resist putting the women in cars. My apologies to the feminists and those of other persuasions, but then the redhead and blond don't necessarily have to be women.

The posters, reproduced below, measure 15 inches by 20 inches and are printed on gloss heavy weight card stock suitable for mounting. They cost $10.00 each or $35 for the set of four. Laminated, $18 each or $70 for the set of four.

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