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Where do you enjoy drinking Deerfield wine? Tell us about your experiences and send us a picture.

Sammy the bear enjoys Deerfield Cabernet at the Larchmont Grill in Los Angeles. Thanks, Mark Donofrio!

Dear Robert:
We met, poolside, several years ago at your home (we made an appointment with PJ). Since then we have been to your cave and have been enjoying being your full case members.
My wife, Jane, and I live in Boston. The leaves are beginning to turn and autumn is in the air. We are sitting on our back porch enjoying the cool evening air while REALLY enjoying the 2002 Super T-Rex.
In one word... Wow! It is everything you promised and more. This bottle is a real treat: a true gem of a wine. The 02 T-Rex is what good wine should be. So delicious. So special. Such personality!
Thank you, Robert, for this gem of wines. We could not end this evening without thanking you for creating this beautiful and delicious wine for us to enjoy this evening. We hope to come back to California this July and if we do, we will be sure to stop by!
With all of our thanks and appreciation,
David and Jane Wolfman

I would like send a special thanks to our Deerfield Staff Member for a very memorable wine-tasting experience. When our party of 9 women arrived at Deerfield on Saturday morning, Ben promptly made accomodations for us and instantly made us feel at home. By the first pour, he had figured out just how to make the experience stand apart from every other winery we had visited - he as able to educate and joke at the same time - and analyze the wants and needs of 9 women from across the country. Simply amazing! He went above and beyond to make the visit memorable and we would like the Deerfield staff to know that we plan to return in the future.

From the Bride-to-be of the group, thank you so very much for a great experience!


MERLOT in Laos

Delicious October Evening! Dear PJ and Robert:

We could not go to sleep tonight without e-mailing you. We had a friend over for dinner who we had not seen in over 25 years. We wanted to make it a special evening. We are members of your wine club (and have visited you twice from Boston!) and have a few cases of your wine in our collection. We took out two bottles, not on our top shelf, but we knew would be nice. OH MY GOODNESS! These wines COULD have been top shelf! We started with the '06 Sauivgnon Blanc... such a special wine... a really interesting flavor that, although a white, warmed us on this chilly New England Autumn. We then moved to the 2005 Red Rex which we paired with homemade pasta, cheese, etc... a perfect pairing (are there any more 05 Red Rex?). Two beautiful bottles of wine which tasted like heaven. Now, we can't even imagine what our "top shelf" Deefield bottles will be like!
Thanks for a great evening!

Davis & Jane

Hello Davis and Jane,
You certainly made my Sunday morning. Thank you for the story and we are happy that we could add to your life experience. It is really why we do this. We are in the tail end of our harvest and the days are long and hectic, full of stress and anticipation. It it good to be reminded where we are going. Yes, we still have a pretty good supply of the 05 Red Rex. It should take us through the winter.

RED REX at the Louvre
classic art

Rumsey at sea

Dear Robert Rex:
My mother, wife and I had the sincere pleasure of visiting your vineyard and winery this past summer and enjoyed several of your fabulous wines in your new cave tasting room. Everything was absolutely a pleasure from the cave environment, the wines, grapeseed oil, and tasting room service. In the tasting room, Ben was an amazing ambassador to your wine and winery.
My grandfather was the original founder and owner of Carneros Creek Winery (BC Gibson) and anytime my family and I discover a family run, boutique winery which primary mission is to produce fine high quality wine it rekindles my passion and love for viticulture and enology. My wife and I now reside in Boulder, Colorado and was very pleased to find your wine at our local liquor store. I have purchased all the Cab they had on stock and every time tell them to purchase additional wines such as your amazing Old Vine Zinfandel. Also I am enjoying your Merlot Cuvée, I wanted to thank you and your team for producing absolutely amazing wines.
Lance, Boulder, Colorado

Hello Lance,
I met your grandfather once I believe, several years ago and enjoyed the conversation. I had a friend, Peter Brehm, who was processing grapes at Carneros Creek, must have been in the 80’s. Was he around then?
Thanks for the kind words, especially during what has become a difficult harvest. It is good to be reminded why we are working so hard.
Robert Rex

Dear Robert:
Sorry for the delayed response. I actually have been quite busy and during these economic times that is actually a good thing.
Yes my grandfather was around till the late 80's early 90's and I am glad to hear you enjoyed a conversation with him. He sure had a passion for chardonnay and pinot noir grapes.
I had an opportunity to see your video "the shape of wine” on the web site, great explanation on palate and varietals, I learned a lot. Thank you.
Lance, Boulder, Colorado

T REX at Iguassu

T REX Woosley Canada

TJ in Vietnam
"My mother and I visited your winery on Saturday. It was our first time to the California wine country and we couldn't have chosen a better place to start our experience than at Deerfield Ranch. From the wonderful welcome when we arrived to the knowledgeable staff, the experience provided was beyond our expectations. Throughout the day my mom and I were comparing our experiences and no matter where we were we unanimously agreed that Deerfield was by far the best not only because of the quality of the wine but because of the friendly playful atmosphere. Thank you so much for all you did to make our experience so amazing. We look forward to ordering your wine and visiting again."
Jayna from Washington State


Here's Kris and Quintin on the beach in Tahiti with a bottle of SUPER T-REX. Kris is an emergency room nurse, an angel I'd say,
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Quintin is a cop
on the Fort Lauderdale force.
If you got stopped, you'd want to get stopped by Quintin.
They both know and love good wine.

Where do you enjoy drinking Deerfield wine? Send us a picture.

We love your wine. Was wondering if any animal products are used in the production of the Sangiovese. (Currently we have the '03 vintage)
Thanks, David

Hello David,
Interesting you should ask as this subject recently was brought to my attention by our tasting room manager, John Vietti, who is a vegan.
Our wines do not include any animal products and are suitable for consumption by vegans. Those animal products would have been fining agents, used to remove harsh flavors and overtones from the wine. They would be gelatin, made from cows. Isinglass, made from fish, and egg whites, made by chickens ;-).
We used to use all these things. We no longer do. We no longer use them because our wines don’t develop bitter or off flavors because we use a better computer operated press that presses at a low enough pressure not to extract these problem compounds. This is true with all of our wines not just the Sangiovese.
As a side note, none of the aforementioned animal products stay in the wine, they precipitate out and are removed. I do understand however that this does not satisfy the concern. So, we are happy to report that all of our wines are not only made using organic methods but are vegan friendly.


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